My multimedia experience has encompassed the past 14 years. I animate, design and develop in multiple languages for both web and large format. I’ve also created successful promotional campaigns in print. In addition, I have 16 years of Pro Audio work. I’ve directed several short independent films with large crews. I’m both open minded and professional. I am extremely honest and hardworking. I always get the job done, and done properly. During my previous work at IMDb I have helped to conceptualize and create some of the most innovative advertising experiences that IMDb had ever offered their clients. My work has directly led to large upfront deals with major studios and various projects never been done before within Amazon or IMDb. During my time at ESPN, I worked in scripted AS3 animation, developed and tested in HTML5 animation and created an award winning product for the Fantasy Team. While at REI I’ve been responsible for successfully deploying all Digital and Rich Media ad campaigns.

I’m currently working in HTML5 and converted REI’s digital media from Flash into HTML utilizing CSS, and Javascript animation.

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